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Tanooki Mario will be available in Lego form next year

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One of the new Super Mario Lego sets launching on January 1st

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Lego’s next collection of Super Mario-themed sets includes Mario’s iconic Tanooki suit as a new “Power-Up Pack” launching on January 1st. The Tanooki Suit is just one of the new Super Mario Lego sets launching next year, which include the new 366-piece Master Your Adventure Maker Set, three new expansion sets, 10 collectible character packs, and a second Power-Up pack with a Penguin costume for the Italian plumber.

For those unfamiliar with the Mario sets Lego launched earlier this year, the idea is to build 2D-style levels that players can manually hop their Lego Mario figurine through from start pipe to goal flag. You get coins for walking the Mario figurine through the level, bopping it on top of enemies, or interacting with other level elements. These new sets add new figurines, bricks, and options for levels, expanding what can be built and how levels can be played.

The $9.99 Tanooki Mario Power-Up Pack includes a new costume for the character.
Image: Lego

In the promotional video above, Lego shows how Mario can be swapped into his $9.99 Tanooki suit, and will then make sounds when players “spin” him around or use him to hit enemies. The $9.99 penguin costume, meanwhile, recognizes when Mario is sliding on his belly. Previous costumes have included Fire Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario.

The $59.99 Master Your Adventure Maker Set is the biggest of the new kits launching next year. Lego says the set includes three “Special Bricks” that can be customized to create different effects for Mario when he interacts with them as well as a new start pipe that can create new rules for how players have to run through the level.

The new Master Your Adventure Maker Set includes 366 pieces.
Image: Lego

As well as the new maker set, there are three expansion sets: the $19.99 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter, the $29.99 Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge, and the $39.99 Wiggler’s Poison Swamp. Finally, there is a new set of $4.99 character packs, which include characters like Fly Guy, Parachute Goomba, and Thwimp.

It’s a pretty expansive collection, and it suggests Nintendo and Lego are nowhere near done with their collaboration.