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1Password updated for Big Sur with Apple Watch unlock support

1Password updated for Big Sur with Apple Watch unlock support


No M1 Arm update yet

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1Password, one of the most popular password management services, has been updated for macOS Big Sur today, adding several new features that take advantage of the new capabilities of the operating system.

Chief among those is the option to use your Apple Watch to unlock 1Password: if enabled, you’ll get a pop-up on your watch when you open the app, which you can then unlock by double clicking the side button on the smartwatch. The Apple Watch feature doesn’t interfere with the usual Touch ID option for Macs that offer it — customers will be able to use either method to unlock their passwords. (That said, Touch ID will still be considered the “default” method.)

The new update for 1Password also increases its integration into Safari on Big Sur, allowing the service to automatically fill in your passwords directly from text fields on websites.

Lastly, the newly updated app features some light design changes that make it a bit easier to use (as well as a new, Big Sur-style icon).

While 1Password has been updated for Big Sur, it’s important to clarify that it hasn’t been updated with a new, Arm-based version of the app for Apple’s latest M1 chip Macs. The app will run on those Macs through Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation software, and AgileBits tells MacRumors that it hopes to have more information regarding M1 support in the future.