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The Peanuts holiday specials actually won’t be exclusive to just Apple TV Plus

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They’re coming to broadcast TV, too


Apple is giving more people access to Peanuts holiday specials. The company announced yesterday that it’s partnering with PBS for broadcast airings of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and A Charlie Brown Christmas. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on PBS and PBS KIDS on November 22nd at 7:30PM local time / 6:30PM CT, and A Charlie Brown Christmas will air on those same channels on December 13th at 7:30PM local time / 6:30PM CT. You can check your local listings here.

This is a somewhat return to normalcy for the specials, which typically aired during the holiday season over broadcast TV. Apple gained the rights to the programming, however, and said non-paying users would only be able to access the show for a limited set of time on Apple TV Plus itself. It’s somewhat backtracking on that with the PBS partnership.

However, if the PBS airings aren’t at a good time for you, and you don’t have an Apple TV Plus subscription, you can still catch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for free from November 25th until November 27th on Apple TV Plus and A Charlie Brown Christmas for free from December 11th through December 13th. Apple TV Plus subscribers, of course, have access year-round, along with additional Peanuts content, like The Snoopy Show, which comes to the service on February 5th, and a new Peanuts documentary that’ll be released next year.