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Amazon Music adds behind-the-scenes trivia for songs with new X-Ray features

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Following similar functionality for Prime Video

Amazon is adding new X-Ray features to its music streaming service, which let you see extra pieces of trivia about the music you’re listening to. The feature is available globally across “tens of millions” of songs, and Amazon says there are extra “fun facts” available for popular songs in the US and UK.

X-Ray isn’t an entirely new feature for Amazon. It’s already available on the company’s Prime Video streaming service where it shows information like which actors are in a current scene, and it’s previously been able to show real-time lyrics for songs in Amazon Music. What’s new are the additional pieces of trivia the feature now shows about tracks. These range from interesting tidbits about an artist’s backstory to more perfunctory information about when a song was released and the spot it reached on the Billboard charts.

To access the trivia on compatible songs, you can swipe up on the “X-Ray” icon. From there, you can swipe through each fact or tap on the “Credits” section at the bottom of the screen to see a track’s complete credits.

Correction November 20th, 2:39PM ET: This post originally stated, based on information provided by Amazon, that X-Ray is only available in the US and UK. This is incorrect. It is actually available globally, but select songs in the US and UK will have extra trivia attached to them.