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You won’t be able to watch HBO on Amazon’s channels platform starting next year

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It seems WarnerMedia wants to push users toward HBO Max

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Amazon and HBO-owner WarnerMedia finally came to an agreement this week to bring HBO Max to Amazon Fire TV devices, nearly six months after the streaming service first launched. But as part of that agreement, Amazon will be removing HBO from Amazon’s Prime Video Channels selection starting next year, according to CNBC.

Amazon Prime Video Channels let you subscribe to individual streaming channels for a monthly fee and watch them on Amazon. But the HBO Prime Video Channel has some differences from HBO Max. HBO Max offers everything you’d get with a normal HBO subscription as well as additional movies, shows, and original series.

As WarnerMedia is trying to build its subscriber base for HBO Max, it seems the company wants to remove some avenues to watch the standard HBO channel online. And when HBO disappears from Amazon Prime Video Channels, it won’t be the first time WarnerMedia has removed HBO from an a la carte channels platform: the company yanked HBO from the Apple TV Channels platform the day HBO Max launched in May.

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. WarnerMedia declined to comment.