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Microsoft Flight Simulator gets a big US update just in time for Thanksgiving

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Las Vegas, Kennedy Space Center, and others look incredibly detailed now

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting one of its biggest updates for the US today, adding nearly 50 points of interest. The White House, Fort Knox, Hoover Dam, and the Las Vegas Strip are among many areas across the US that are getting updated with high-resolution points of interest.

A trailer for the update shows just how detailed some of these updated areas are. The Las Vegas Strip now has a night mode, where the entire strip lights up and it looks incredible from the virtual sky above. The nearby Grand Canyon looks like it will be worth touring inside Microsoft Flight Simulator, too. Kennedy Space Center in Florida is also part of the update and looks incredibly intricate.

Grand Canyon in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The update arrives just days before Thanksgiving in the US, allowing players to relax at home and fly virtually instead. Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised people not to travel for Thanksgiving, citing the spread of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the US.

Alongside the points of interest updates, there are four new airports and a range of performance and stability fixes. Asobo, the developers behind Microsoft Flight Simulator, have been gradually improving the PC game in recent months to make it run more smoothly. Today’s update will also improve how streetlights are randomly placed in smaller streets and roads across Flight Simulator’s virtual world.