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Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey quietly arrive on Nintendo Switch, on sale for $7.49

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They started portable, but not with Nintendo

In early August, we learned the lovely Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey would come to Nintendo Switch, but we didn’t know exactly when. It turns out yesterday (Thanksgiving) was the day! You can now pick up The Alto Collection from the Nintendo eShop for $7.49, a temporary 25 percent launch discount over what will become its standard $9.99 price.

(Check out the video above to get a pretty good sense of what the games are like; we called Alto’s Adventure “the next great iPad game” in our review way back in 2015.)

Originally, you’d control Alto and his snowboarding / sandboarding friends by simply tapping the iPhone, iPad or Android touchscreen to jump and perform tricks, but the games now have full controller support as well. You’ve also been able to pick them up on PS4, Xbox One, and the Epic Game Store since August, if Switch isn’t your platform.