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A bug in Spider Man: Miles Morales gives us the web-swinging patio lamp hero we deserve

A bug in the PS5 game turned players into patio lamps and other objects

Look how brave this patio lamp in Spider-Man: Miles Morales is
Doctor Curiosity

As any avid gamer knows, bugs and glitches are part of the deal. Sometimes they take gameplay to a whole other level, as seems to be the case with Spider Man: Miles Morales where players unexpectedly turned into inanimate objects, including a patio space heater (there’s a probably a joke there about great power and great responsibility but we’re above puns at The Verge dot com) (spoiler: we totally are not).

The patio heater incident was weird enough, but it’s not the only strange inanimate object to abruptly replace a player in-game:

It’s possible this Spider-Man glitch may eventually rank up there with the funniest in-game weirdness. There was the bug in Half-Life 2 that left NPCs unable to blink, the numerous oddities including misplaced obelisks in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and of course who can forget the patch for The Sims 4 that caused some of the sims to unexpectedly pee fire.

Spider-Man game developer Insomniac Games acknowledged the bug on Twitter calling it “equally as embarrassing as it is heart-warming,” (get it?!) and Into the Spider-Verse producer Phil Lord suggested the bug should go into Spider-Verse 2 “if we have any self-respect at all.”

But plenty of fans replied to Insomniac’s tweet asking for the glitch to stay, it is quite funny, and unless it’s slowing down or interfering with gameplay, why not? After all, there are no other games (that we know of, anyway) where a patio heater might end up saving New York City. Give it a chance!