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This motion-activated poké ball ‘must never be thrown’

This motion-activated poké ball ‘must never be thrown’


Beware the ball that boasts ‘real heft’

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The Pokémon Company International and The Wand Company are teaming up to release premium replicas of the classic Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Premier Ball. These $99.99 die-cast metal balls come with proximity-sensing tech that causes its button to light up and change color when pressed.

You might be thinking that the point of a poké ball, any poké ball, would be to be thrown, as decades of games and cartoons have taught — especially for one that’s motion activated — but not this ball, buddy! This is not a toy. A replica weights in at 10.5oz, which, according to the very first result on Google, is twice the weight of a baseball and 4.5oz heavier than a cue ball. It is distressingly described as having “real heft” and being “reassuringly solid.” And in case anyone still has the urge to chuck one at their least favorite friend, The Wand Company has an ominous warning: “This Poké Ball must never be thrown.”

Did you think this was a promo picture? No, it is a threat.

The poké ball doesn’t open, which might make throwing it a little less appealing, and it does come with its own batteries. It’s available for preorder now for arrival next year, and there is absolutely nothing menacing about this video.