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Watch the great people of Philadelphia count ballots live

Watch the great people of Philadelphia count ballots live


Here it is, your moment of Zen (or anxiety)

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As President Trump falsely claims victory in the 2020 election, ballots are still being counted across the country — and they will continue to be counted in the days and weeks ahead. (Some deadlines, like for military and absentee voters, have not even passed yet.) We’re headed for record turnout.

Despite what the president wants you to think, things are working normally across the country, even despite the extraordinary circumstances brought by the pandemic. States and local governments are running elections like they always do, with teams of carefully observed election officials and volunteers. Widespread voter fraud continues to be an imaginary monster dreamed up by conspiracy theorists. And voting on Election Day seems to have gone pretty smoothly, despite the specter of intimidation at the polls.

So, let’s all take a deep breath. Turn off cable news and its constant barrage of audiovisual hyperbole, and watch election workers in Philadelphia count ballots.