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Sony shows how much easier logging into the PS5 can be, among other tutorials

Sony shows how much easier logging into the PS5 can be, among other tutorials


Just scan a QR code with the PlayStation app

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

With just a week to go until the PlayStation 5’s launch, Sony has shared three new videos to help people set up their new consoles on launch day. The videos not only give us a better look at the console’s new UI, but also reveal a few handy features in the PS5’s settings.

One video shows how to set up your PlayStation account on the new console. After you connect your PS5 to the internet, you’ll be presented with two ways to sign in. One option is to fill in standard sign-in ID and password boxes, a process that I personally dread — it’s cumbersome to type in my credentials with a controller. But Sony will also let you sign in by scanning a QR code with the PlayStation app, which seems a heck of a lot easier to me.

Another video shows how to change numerous system settings, such as adjusting haptic feedback and adaptive trigger sensitivity on the DualSense controller. In the PS5’s audio settings menu, you’ll be able to pick from one of five 3D audio “profiles” to determine which sounds best for you while you’re wearing 3D audio-compatible headphones. The PS5 also lets you establish preferred settings for things like game difficulty and if you want to play in performance mode or resolution mode, in the “Game Presets” menu.

A third video shows how to transfer data from a PS4 to a PS5. The video shows that you’ll be able to play your PS5 while you’re transferring data across consoles — meaning you won’t be forced to stare at a transfer screen while you’re waiting for your data to carry over.

In this video, Sony also recommends that you store PS4 games on an external drive to free up space on the PS5’s ultra-fast SSD. Sony won’t support SSD storage expansion at launch, and you can’t play PS5 games off an external drive, so putting older PS4 games on a USB drive will be the best way to open up some storage on your PS5 if you want to avoid deleting games.

Sony first gave an in-depth look at the PS5’s UI in October, revealing features like “Activities” cards that link out to specific modes or levels, the “Control Center” menu that offers quick access to system tools, and “Game Help” videos and hints for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Correction: We originally reported that you can store PS5 games on an external drive and transfer them to the console’s SSD, but you cannot do that. We regret the error.