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Smother me gently in this human-sized Pokémon pod

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In the (Meta)pod, there is no pain

Pokéshopper is releasing a life-sized Metapod in April 2021 that can house a human body, hopefully still living. Is it a costume? A sleeping bag? Vore? Truly, who cares, for it calls to me from its soft and gaping maw.

The site’s Twitter account helpfully shared a picture of its specifications in what I think also doubles as a sort of “how to insert body” diagram. Rather than explain it with words, let’s just look at it together:

Mmm. Soothing.

Less comforting is the news that it’s already sold out in roughly seven hours. To anyone with power reading this, please consider restocking. I wish to be on whatever vibe Metapod man is.