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Amazon says some Xbox Series X preorders won’t arrive until December 31st at the latest

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Next-gen Xbox preorders won’t arrive for everyone on launch day

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Amazon is warning customers that Xbox Series X preorders might not arrive tomorrow. In an email to some Amazon customers, the retailer says it expects to ship some consoles “in the coming weeks as we receive more inventory in November and December.” Amazon estimates that the affected preorders will receive Xbox Series X units by December 31st or before.

The emails are being sent to a wide range of people, and some who have preordered on Amazon have yet to receive a shipment notice with just a day to go until the Xbox Series X launch. It’s surprising to see these emails arrive less than 24 hours before the Xbox Series X was supposed to be delivered, but it’s not clear how many are affected by the delay.

Amazon sent a similar email to some customers who preordered the PS5 back in September. It warned that some shipments might not arrive on November 12th, and it was sent just a couple of days after preorders began. We’ve reached out to Amazon to comment on the Xbox Series X situation, and we’ll update you accordingly.