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Super Bomberman R Online is Stadia’s second totally free game

Super Bomberman R Online is Stadia’s second totally free game


All you need is a free Stadia account

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Image: Konami

Heading into its second year, Google’s Stadia game streaming service is adding more games and making it easier to play without having to pay. The first free game released for the service was Destiny 2, and now it has another multiplayer companion: Super Bomberman R Online will become free today. All you need is a Stadia account, which is completely free. On Android or in the Chrome browser, you should be able to click this link to launch the game now if you’re logged in to that account.

Bomberman is a particularly fitting title to make free, considering it’s got a 64-player battle royale mode that’s exclusive to Stadia, and its lobbies might have been difficult to fill if each player had to pay. Otherwise, it’s an updated 3D take on the bomb-laying and maze-navigating Bomberman gameplay many players already know, which also released on the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

Stadia’s first year was difficult, primarily because of the upfront cost to play on your TV or phone and a long wait for the games and features that Google promised before the service launched. Adding Destiny 2 for free last month was a big step in the right direction. And while maybe not as well-known, Super Bomberman R Online adds another option for players to enjoy without having to invest in Stadia’s subscription service, Stadia Pro, or purchase any games upfront.

Google says it has big plans for Stadia in 2021, so expect more features and (hopefully) free games in the future.