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You can now add tweets to your snaps

You can now add tweets to your snaps


Twitter continues to take over all social networks

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Twitter is making it even easier to spread your tweets far and wide to every social media platform imaginable. Starting today on iOS (support is coming “soon” for Android), you’ll be able to add tweets into a snap as a sticker. Before, if you wanted to share a tweet on Snapchat, you would have to take a screenshot of it and share that, without having access to any of Snapchat’s camera or editing features.

If you want to share a tweet to Snapchat, press the share button on a public tweet (private tweets aren’t supported, for obvious reasons) and select the Snapchat icon from the share carousel. You can then create a snap as usual, except you’ll have your selected tweet as a sticker that you can manipulate. You can then share the snap as you would any other — sending it to people, or adding it to your story, and whoever sees it can go to the tweet by swiping up.

Shows the process of sharing a tweet to Snapchat
The process of adding a tweet to a snap.
Graphic: Twitter

I have to say, the example snap looks way better than the (often crunchy) screenshots of tweets do, and it’s nice that it’s a format that lets you easily find the source. If you’ve abandoned Snapchat for Instagram Stories, don’t worry: Twitter also says that a small group of iOS users will be able to test sharing tweets to Instagram Stories soon.

Image of a tweet that has been embedded into an Instagram story
Soon, Twitter will be testing sharing to Instagram Stories as well.
Graphic: Twitter

This is a feature built for social media apps as they are today: places to repost tweets. As I’m writing this, two out of the top 10 posts on Reddit are tweets. Instagram is filled with pages that post screenshots of tweets, and Facebook, I’m told, is mostly people posting tweets (Twitter, of course, is full of old Tumblr posts). Now, Snapchat can also be Twitter, and Instagram Stories’ time is coming.