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Among Us developers reveal an all-new map, The Airship, coming early 2021

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Innersloth announced the new destination during The Game Awards

Indie developer Innersloth revealed its fourth map, The Airship, for the online social deduction game Among Us during The Game Awards on Thursday, following the game’s win for best multiplayer title of the year.

The Airship features new tasks for players to accomplish, and is far more elaborate than previous maps, including ladders and elevators that players will need to use to access different areas of the ship. The new map will also offer players multiple spawn points following a meeting, to allow them to avoid grouping up (and avoid being easily picked off by any imposters.)

The map, first teased last month by the official Among Us Twitter account, features a greater level of color and detail than the existing maps the game has had since its quiet June 2018 release, two years before it became a viral sensation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Airship map is coming to Among Us in “early 2021.”