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Disney’s new bundle will offer ad-free Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus for $18.99

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Coming in January

Disney Plus ESPN Plus Hulu bundle

Disney has announced a new combined bundle for its streaming services, which will offer Disney Plus, ad-free Hulu, and ESPN Plus for $18.99, a $6 increase over the company’s existing $12.99 streaming bundle (which only offers a version of Hulu with ads).

That $6 price increase is the same as the difference between the standalone version of Hulu’s service with ads ($5.99 per month) and the ad-free version ($11.99 per month), so customers aren’t necessarily getting a deeper discount, but the pricing does mean that customers who prefer the ad-free version of Hulu will be able to take advantage of the bundle.

Purchased separately, Disney Plus ($6.99 per month), ESPN Plus ($5.99 per month), and Hulu without ads ($11.99 per month) would cost $24.97, so the new bundle would save customers $5.98 each month. Or, taken another way, the bundle means that subscribers to Disney Plus and Hulu’s ad-free service can effectively get ESPN Plus for free.

The new bundle should be available sometime in January.