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Oculus is shipping the Quest 2 Elite Strap again and extending its warranty after quality issues

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A “processing inconsistency” plagued early units

Oculus Quest 2 with Elite Strap Photo: Oculus

Oculus is resuming shipments of its Quest 2 Elite Strap accessory and extending the warranty after reports of defective straps. As UploadVR reported earlier, the Facebook-owned virtual reality company paused Elite Strap shipments in November, saying a small number of users had reported them snapping after use. Now, it tells Android Central that it’s pinpointed the issue as a “processing inconsistency with some early units,” and the product is going back on sale.

Oculus maintains that the Elite Strap problems affect a “very small percentage” of customers. But it’s increasing the standard one-year warranty to a two-year period, during which Oculus will replace broken straps free of charge.

The $49 Elite Strap (and a $129 version with an external battery and carrying case) replaces the standard cloth strap of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. It’s a major upgrade that makes the $299 Quest 2 far more comfortable, and since it’s reappeared on the Oculus store and is being restocked elsewhere, it’s apparently a viable option once again.

Update 6:00PM ET: This piece has been updated to reflect the Elite Strap being restocked on the Oculus store.