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Amazon will make custom-fitted $25 T-shirts after photographing your body

Amazon will make custom-fitted $25 T-shirts after photographing your body



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Amazon influencers promote Made for You.

Amazon just launched its new Made for You custom clothing service in the US that requires users to upload their measurements and two photos to create a “virtual body double.” The first product is a $25 Made for You T-shirt available in a variety of colors, fabrics, necklines, and shirt / sleeve lengths.

Amazon Made for You requires two head-to-toe photos taken by the Amazon app, showing the front and back of your torso. Then, after entering your height, weight, and body type, Amazon will create your custom avatar. From there you can build custom T-shirts complete with a personalized name tag. 

The Made for You product page is littered with zealous quotes from fashion influencers. Sai De Silva is especially enthusiastic about sending Amazon her intensely private data:

“So much fun”

“I got to create a virtual body double with my measurements. So much fun.”


While the collection of body-type data will undoubtedly help Amazon compete with traditional fashion houses, Amazon says customers can delete it at any time by tapping the profile icon in the upper left of their Made for You page, according to TechCrunch. Amazon also says that photos are deleted immediately after creating the body double. Amazon plans to enhance Made for You with more styles and options based on customer feedback, according to TechCrunch.

The launch of Made for You follows Amazon’s discontinued Echo Look experiment that involved standalone cameras that offered fashion advice, and arrives just as the company’s $99.99 Halo tracker becomes more widely available to track your body fat in 3D. 

So. Much. Fun.