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Hot Wheels is giving the real Tesla experience by delaying their model Cybertruck

Hot Wheels is giving the real Tesla experience by delaying their model Cybertruck


‘Unforseen production issues’

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If you’ve been waiting anxiously for your radio-controlled Cybertruck, you’re going to have to wait a little longer: Mattel has had to delay it until May 2021, according to Bloomberg.

The RC cars, announced in February, were supposed to ship this month, but have been delayed because of “unforseen production issues.” Mattel appears to be experiencing “manufacturing hell,” though the company did not release details on the delay.

Just another way that the model imitates reality

These toys are scaled-down versions of the real Cybertruck, and come in two models: an 1:64 scale model, which costs $20, and an 1:10 scale model that costs $400. Both models went out of stock after pre-orders.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, unveiled in November 2019, is a futuristic, electric spin on a pickup truck. The angular, stainless steel truck has armored glass windows, though, embarrassingly, they shattered during a public test. Still, CEO Elon Musk has said it’s the “truck you want in the apocalypse.” The $69,900 tri-motor Cybertruck is expected to hit the road in late 2021, with the $39,900 rear-wheel drive version coming in 2022.

The $400 toy version of the truck is supposed to be hobbyist grade and off-roadable. And while it may not have the armored glass windows of the real thing, it does come with a sticker that makes its window look shattered, just like in the demo.

While any hardcore Tesla fans who reserved the car may be disappointed, this is just another way that the model imitates reality. Tesla is infamous for its delays. The Model X shipped a year after was promised, the cheapest Model 3 went past its delivery timeframe, and the Roadster’s release was supposed to be this year — but wasn’t.

So in a sense, Hot Wheels is just trying to give you the experience of buying one of Tesla’s actual cars, just at a 1:100 scale cost.