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YouTube hit Ryan’s World comes to Roblox

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Roblox has exploded in popularity this year

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Ryan’s World in Roblox Image: Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World is expanding to Roblox. The hit YouTube channel is launching its own virtual world inside the popular kids game, which allows players to create their own spaces and activities.

Players will be able to drop into a sprawling digital world inspired by the YouTube show and explore a racecourse, a fire station, a beach, and a school, among other locations. There’s also a Rainbow Road-esque path into space and a strange box labeled “MYSTERY PETS.” The game world is supposed to launch on December 5th at 1PM ET.

Roblox has been around for more than a decade, but the game’s popularity has soared since the beginning of the pandemic. It now has 31.1 million daily users, up 82 percent year over year, and the company has filed to go public. As it’s grown, more and more mainstream names have carved out a space inside Roblox to meet its huge audience. Lil Nas X performed a virtual concert there in November, and the game hosted a treasure hunt to tie in with the release of Ready Player Two earlier this week.

Ryan’s World in Roblox Image: Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World has likewise been growing. The YouTube channel, which started with toy unboxing videos in 2015, has grown into a multimedia kids empire. The channel’s star, Ryan Kaji, has a TV show on Nick Jr., a racing video game available on major consoles, and a toy and clothing line sold at major retailers. The channel just made plans for a new show on Amazon Prime, too.

Kaji has been regularly playing Roblox on one of his YouTube channels for more than two years, so offering a Ryan’s World level that viewers can later visit seems like a natural expansion. Though Roblox is free to play, it also offers creators a way to make money by selling items inside their game worlds. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Ryan’s World location will sell gems that can be exchanged for virtual goods.