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LG developing sliding doors made of transparent OLED displays

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It’s partnering with a Swedish manufacturer on the project

You’ll be able to see through the screens on the doors.
Image: LG

LG has partnered with Swedish manufacturer Assa Abloy Entrance Systems to develop automatic sliding doors with built-in transparent OLED displays, the company announced today. The doors will be aimed at businesses, and LG says they’ll be able to greet customers, communicate with employees, or show ads.

LG has been showing off its transparent displays for a little while now, and it unveiled a range of transparent signage early last year. Now, we’re seeing the panels used in the real world. In August, LG announced that its displays were being used in the windows of subway carriages in Beijing and Shenzhen in China, and OLED-Info reports that both Panasonic and Xiaomi’s transparent OLED TVs use LG panels.

One photo shows how the doors could be used to show ads.
Image: LG

South Korea’s other major display manufacturer, Samsung, has also experimented with transparent OLED displays in the past, but The Korea Herald reported in 2016 that it had ceased production of the technology.

LG’s announcement doesn’t give much of an indication of when these high-end doors might become available for businesses. But considering the transparent OLED technology has started being deployed, they can’t be too far away from decorating the world’s most decadent shopping centers.