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Logitech’s new Circle View Wired Doorbell is the first to support HomeKit Secure Video

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It’ll only work with Apple’s smart home setup, though

Logitech has quietly revealed a new Circle View Wired Doorbell camera today, which is notably the first consumer smart doorbell to support Apple’s recent HomeKit Secure Video standard. The new doorbell is available from both Apple and Logitech’s websites for $199.99.

Apple first debuted the HomeKit Secure Video standard in 2019, but it’s taken some time for developers to adopt the system. Logitech’s new Circle View Wired Doorbell is the first doorbell camera to offer it, at least on a consumer level (technically, as 9to5Mac notes, the Robin ProLine camera beat Logitech to the punch, although that product is designed for commercial customers rather than home installations.)

As for the camera itself, it’s designed to exclusively work with Apple’s HomeKit system (so no Alexa or Google Nest support). The Circle View Wired Doorbell offers a 160-degree DFOV from a 5-megapixel sensor that shoots 1200 x 1600 video in HDR. There’s also an integrated light strip for nighttime that can light up to show visitors up to six feet away, along with color night vision.

HomeKit Secure Video allows for Logitech to outsource most of the actual “security camera” side of things to Apple’s software, using the Apple Home app to notify users when visitors are outside. It also uses Apple’s iCloud service for streaming, storing, and sharing video recordings, and Apple TV or HomePod devices function as main processing hubs for determining when people or vehicles are outside and for running Apple’s face recognition feature (based on your photo library).

The Circle View Wired Doorbell camera is available for $199.99 (with Logitech also offering a $299.99 bundle that includes home installation through its website). To take full advantage of the HomeKit functionality, though, customers will also need a HomePod mini, HomePod, iPad, or Apple TV to serve as a HomeKit hub, as well as an iCloud storage plan for saving videos.