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Google gives Chrome users an easier way to sync info across devices

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They’ll be accessible by signing in with a Google Account

The feature lets Android users sign into their Google Account on the browser with a single tap.
Image: Google

Google is making it easier for Chrome users to sync their passwords and payment information across devices, the company has announced in a blog post. The new features will roll out “over the coming weeks and months,” Google says.

Chrome on Android will be able to access saved payment information after you log into the browser with a Google Account. Payments can be confirmed by entering a card’s CVC or via biometric security. Logging into a Google Account in the first place on an Android device will also be simplified. If you’re already logged into a Google service like Gmail, the option will be given to sign into the browser with a Google Account on the device “with a single tap.”

Chrome’s desktop version is also being updated to give access to saved passwords if signed in with a Google Account. When you save a new password, Chrome will give the option to save it either on the device, or to a Google Account to have access across all devices.

On desktop, you’ll have the option of saving passwords to the device, or to a Google Account.
Image: Google

Similar functionality is already available in Chrome via its sync feature, which carries your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings across devices, 9to5Google notes. But Google says the problem with this approach is that it relies on the sync option being turned on for each device. The new approach, signing into a browser with a Google Account, makes it “simpler and more intuitive” to access your information, the company claims.

These are just the latest changes Google is making to how information gets synced across devices. Last year, the company added the option to access saved payment info on its desktop browser via Google Accounts, without having to turn on Chrome sync.