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Sprint’s first smartwatch for kids comes with location tracking

Sprint’s first smartwatch for kids comes with location tracking


The $144 watch is less expensive than similar competitors

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Sprint is the latest company to introduce a smartwatch for kids, complete with GPS tracking. The WatchMeGo device is designed for children ages four to 12 who may not be quite ready for their own smartphones, the company says. In addition to tracking a child’s location, the watches can send and receive voice and text messages to a parent’s smartphone app.

Parents can set up alerts to notify them if a child wearing the WatchMeGo leaves a “defined safety zone,” like their school or neighborhood. The watch also has an SOS button that will send immediate alerts to the parent.

The $144 WatchMeGo watch requires a rate plan that runs about $10 a month, and it’s available on Sprint’s website and retail stores. It comes with the Kidomi app, which includes games and educational activities for kids. It has a Gorilla Glass watchface, a 400mAh battery, and a water-resistant case.

Sprint rivals Verizon and T-Mobile also have versions of kid smartwatch / trackers with similar features, although Sprint’s is the least-expensive option. Verizon’s GizmoWatch retails for $179, while the Timex Family Connect watch running on T-Mobile’s network sells for $192.