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Samsung confirms its AirDrop-like ‘Quick Share’ is launching on the Galaxy S20

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The sharing feature will come to other Samsung devices over the coming months

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Image: Samsung

AirDrop has long been a handy convenience that comes with using Apple gadgets, but Samsung has finally come up with its own version. And it’s debuting on the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. It’s called Quick Share, and Samsung says it lets you “share everything with your friends instantly.” Quick Share is detailed toward the bottom of this page that’s about the S20’s camera.

Similar to AirDrop, Quick Share can show “which of your contacts is nearby” so you can easily send files to them. But an interesting advantage over AirDrop is that Quick Share allows you to share with “up to 5 friends” simultaneously. AirDrop limits you to one recipient at a time.

Screenshots of the Quick Share interface were published by XDA Developers last month, revealing that it has similar options to AirDrop: you can choose to let anyone with a compatible Samsung phone or tablet send you content, or just your contacts.

The only compatible devices, however, are the Galaxy S20 phones — at least at launch. Samsung says Quick Share will make its way to the company’s other devices “soon.”

Samsung has offered device-to-device sharing before for certain scenarios like beaming content onto your Samsung TV. That version is called Direct Share, but Quick Share is a bit more seamless.

Google is also working on its own AirDrop-like software feature called Nearby Sharing that should eventually arrive on Pixel phones. I think we can all agree that AirDrop is an excellent idea, and after some false starts that focused too heavily on NFC, it’s good to see Android catching up in the year 2020.