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Microsoft and Nike have created a custom Jordan-branded Xbox One X

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It’s very red, and it’s part of a giveaway

Microsoft loves creating custom Xbox One designs, and this time, it has partnered with Nike to introduce a Jordan-themed console. The Xbox One X includes a custom red finish, with the iconic Jordan elephant print covering the top part of the console. There’s even a matching red controller with the Jumpman logo.

It’s all designed to match the new Air Jordan III Retro U sneaker, which will be released this weekend. Microsoft and Nike are unveiling this today, just as the NBA All-Star weekend starts in Chicago.

Nike’s Air Jordan III Retro U sneaker

If you were hoping to order one, prepare for disappointment: Microsoft hasn’t manufactured many, and they’re being given away as part of a competition that the company is running until February 27th. The only way you can win one is by retweeting this tweet from Microsoft’s Xbox account.

Microsoft has created many custom Xbox One consoles over the years, and some, like this Nike one, don’t always go on sale. We’ve seen a custom Xbox One S to honor Paul Walker, a custom Chainsmokers console, and even limited edition Gears, Minecraft, and Fortnite versions.