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Redbox launches an ad-supported streaming TV service

Redbox launches an ad-supported streaming TV service


Redbox re-enters an oversaturated market with its own live TV service

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This week, DVD kiosk company Redbox quietly launched an ad-supported online video streaming service. It’s still in a limited release, but you can check it out right now in your web browser or through the Redbox Android and iOS mobile apps.

Free Live TV’s layout is similar to other ad-supported live TV services like Xumo. It offers specific channels like Film Rise and The Pet Collective as well as general categories like Comedy, Epic Viral Videos, and Celebrity & Entertainment News. These include curated movies and TV shows like Forensic Files and The Accidental Husband

I took a look at Free Live TV and noticed that the offerings are basic. Sure, you can watch compilations of Steve Harvey’s best moments on Family Feud and listen to the latest gossip from TMZ. But the service certainly doesn’t have a lot of the content you’d find in a traditional TV package, and you can find more channels on Xumo on your mobile device, smart TV, or a media player like Roku, although you need to create an account to access Xumo’s offerings.

Before Free Live TV, Redbox experimented with streaming with On Demand, an on-demand video service launched by the company in late 2017. It allowed users to make a one-time payment to rent or purchase movies and stream them instantly.