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Marshall adds active noise cancellation to its over-ear headphones, now with USB-C

The active noise-cancellation has a slight impact on battery life

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Marshall has added active noise cancellation to its new Monitor II ANC headphones, a feature its other models have had for some time, but a first for the company’s over-the-ear model. An ANC button lets users switch between active noise canceling and “monitoring mode” or turn off active noise cancellation altogether.

The Monitor II also has made the upgrade to a USB-C charging port, and like other recent recent Marshall headphones, it offers built-in support for Google Assistant, so you can quickly ask questions or have your notifications read aloud.


In addition to the ANC button, the Monitor II headphones have a multi-directional control knob to control music and phone functions, and an M-button for toggling between customized equalizer presets and activating Google Assistant.

Marshall says the Monitor II ANC will go 30 hours without needed a charge with the active noise-cancelling active, and up to 45 hours without. Fifteen minutes of charging will give up to five hours of battery life.

The Monitor II ANC headphones will be available March 17th. They’ll retail for $319 in the US, €299 in Europe, or £269 in the UK.

Correction: This article originally listed two US prices of $319 and $169. The former price is correct. We regret this error.