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Alamo Drafthouse rolls out Season Pass movie subscription plan across the US

Alamo Drafthouse rolls out Season Pass movie subscription plan across the US


Available at all 41 locations in the United States

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Alamo Drafthouse is the latest theater chain to offer a subscription package to customers across all of its locations, the theater chain announced today. That includes 41 Alamo Drafthouse theaters throughout the country.

CEO Tim League first teased the subscription, called Season Pass, back in March 2019, and it underwent some testing in certain cities before rolling out nationally today. The subscription prices vary by location, ranging from $14.99 in smaller cities to $29.99 in bigger markets like Los Angeles and New York.

“This is a huge win for movie lovers.”

Further breakdowns of the price variants can be read on the company’s website. The membership allows for one regularly priced ticket per day, and reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. A press release from Alamo Drafthouse confirmed the membership also works for screenings in 3D, 70mm, Dolby Atmos, and The Big Show (Alamo’s custom premium large format). Screenings using special tech will come with a $1.99 surcharge per ticket.

“This is a huge win for movie lovers,” League said in a press release. “The entire reason we opened the Alamo in the first place was to share the movies we love with as many people as possible, and Season Pass is the perfect means for folks to explore more and more films.”

Although Alamo Drafthouse is the newest chain to offer a subscription model, it’s in no way the first. AMC offers Stubs A-List, a program that allows customers to see up to three movies a week and collect discounts on snacks, for less than $25 a month. Perhaps the most famous movie theater subscription was MoviePass, which came to a fiery end in September 2019 after nearly two years of turmoil.

League and his team are aware of what happened to companies like MoviePass, and he reiterated that Season Pass won’t go down the same route. The goal is to build a sustainable program that enables subscribers to see as many movies as possible, while also ensuring that Alamo can financially accommodate it.

“The Season Pass subscription model was created and refined for more than a year through a combination of data and closely monitoring guest feedback,” League added.