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Disney’s avalanche of Baby Yoda merch includes an adorable mini Bluetooth speaker

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Hell yeah, I want Baby Yoda’s head to blast some Pitbull

Disney is going all-in on Baby Yoda merch. The line, inspired by the character (who is actually named “The Child,” but that’s not really meme-friendly) from The Mandalorian, includes everything from plush toys and animatronic dolls to a Bluetooth speaker of Baby Yoda’s head. Do I love that the actual speaker looks like a trypophobia disaster? Not at all. Will I play some Mr. Worldwide out of this curious portable head? Absolutely.

It’s called the “Bitty Boomer” (and unfortunately, my copy editor will not allow me to throw three sets of extra quotations on there to fully communicate my disdain). Turns out, there’s a whole lineup of them. Few details are available, but it will be out this spring.

There’s more merch for you to gaze upon on Star Wars’ official site, including Lego, backpacks, T-shirts, and a Build-A-Bear that actually is... you know, kind of cute and not a total nightmare. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this.