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Westworld’s season 3 trailer pits AI against AI in an intense showdown

Westworld’s season 3 trailer pits AI against AI in an intense showdown


The ‘New World’ is a look at the beauty of dystopia, apparently

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The first season of Westworld focused on the idea of artificial intelligence and humans co-mingling in one epic theme park. The second season saw those same artificially intelligent beings lead a revolution against their human counterparts. Now, a new trailer for Westworld’s third season, premiering on March 15th, pits AI against AI.

In Westworld’s third season, Dolores has escaped from the Delos-owned park she called home — or perhaps prison is the more correct word choice. She teams up with Aaron Paul’s character, who she tasks with taking down a mysterious person who took his future away. Maeve, who also escaped, is given a pretty hefty task of her own: kill Dolores. The trailer, which shows off much of the “New World” that the third season is based around, ends with a teaser for a nasty showdown between Dolores and Maeve. AI facing AI? Elon Musk is shooketh.

Westworld co-creator and showrunner Jonathan Nolan noted this season is inspired by the idea that “dystopia can look pretty beautiful in the world.”

“Just because the world is corrupt inside, doesn’t mean it can’t be smothered over and pretty,” Nolan said in a press release. “We wanted to find a version of dystopia that we hadn’t seen before.”

Much of Westworld’s main cast is set to return for the third season, including Ed Harris as the Man in Black, Jeffrey Wright as Bernard, Tessa Thompson as Charlotte, and Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs. HBO also has a series of in-depth recaps of the last two seasons on its Westworld site for anyone trying to remember what happened in the show’s second season, which aired in 2018.