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Arlo Pro 3 home security cameras now support Apple’s HomeKit

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It launched without support, but it’s here now

Image: Arlo

Arlo Pro 3 security cameras now support Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform, which lets you manage your gadgets (lights, cameras, etc.) through the Home app on your iOS device. The cameras originally launched last September without support for HomeKit, but it has now arrived.

If you want to use your Pro 3 with HomeKit, you’ll need to have it connected to an Arlo SmartHub base station version VMB4540. If you’re not sure which SmartHub you have, you can check by using the Arlo app or logging into your account on Arlo’s website. (Here’s a guide from Arlo on how to do that.)

Arlo says that HomeKit compatibility with other SmartHubs and base stations will be supported in the future.

The Arlo Pro, Pro 2, and Ultra also support HomeKit with a wider variety of SmartHub base stations.