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Nest cameras were down for 17 hours because of failed server update

Nest cameras were down for 17 hours because of failed server update


No recordings captured during reported break-ins and accidents

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A “scheduled storage server software update that didn’t go as intended” caused a 17-hour outage for Nest cameras, according to parent company Google. The outage affected the Nest Cam, its indoor and outdoor Nest Cam IQ cameras, Nest Hello Doorbell and the Nest Hub Max display, 9to5Google reports.

During the outage which started at around noon PT on Monday, users couldn’t record video or see live streams. “We’ve rolled out a fix and most camera services should be working again. Unfortunately, video history wasn’t collected during this incident,” says a blog post from Google Nest VP Rishi Chandra.

The outage lasted for 17 hours.
The outage lasted for 17 hours.
Image: Nest

Nest’s Twitter account was providing occasional updates on the situation as it unfolded, but it was doing little to reassure customers dismayed that they would not have access to recordings. Some users said they tried factory resets thinking the issue was on their end. Others said they had experienced a break-in during the outage or missed an accident suffered by a parent:

Another demanded Google reimburse them for the downtime.

The issue appears to have been limited to Nest users in the US, according to DownDetector (via Android Central), but some users in South Africa and the UK also reported problems.