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Harmonix’s new game Fuser lets you mash together pop songs

Harmonix’s new game Fuser lets you mash together pop songs


From the creators of Rock Band and Guitar Hero

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Rock Band studio Harmonix is back with another music game — only this time, it’s about mashing songs together. The new title is called Fuser, and the developer describes it as “a non-stop virtual music festival where you control the music.” The idea is that you play as a DJ, fusing popular songs together to excite the crowd. There will be a single-player campaign, a freestyle mode for playing with new musical ideas, and multiplayer where you can both compete and collaborate with other players.

Of course, the most important part of a game like this is the musical selection, and Harmonix says that the game will include more than 100 licensed tracks, including the likes of “In Da Club” and “bad guy,” along with meme-worthy additions like “All Star” and “Old Town Road.” These should be ideal for the social aspect, where players can share their mashup creations with others online.


“Music today is an experience,” Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak said in a statement. “It’s not just people listening to albums any more — it’s recording and sharing videos of you singing along to your favorite songs, watching your favorite bands play at festivals, and sharing hit music with your friends. Fuser puts players at the center of all that by letting you mix and share some of the biggest hits on your way to becoming a festival headliner.”

Fuser’s core conceit sounds similar to a previous Harmonix release, Dropmix, where players could mix together songs by placing cards on a board. It was a fun, albeit expensive, music game and one of many musical experiments Harmonix has released in the wake of Rock Band’s original success, including last year’s VR rhythm action game Audica.

Fuser is expected to launch this fall on the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.