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Google is teaming up with Adidas and EA for a new Jacquard product

Google is teaming up with Adidas and EA for a new Jacquard product


More information is coming on March 10th

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A Google logo sits at the center of ominous concentric circles
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google, EA Sports’ FIFA Mobile brand, and Adidas’ soccer arm are teasing some kind of collaboration involving Google’s touch-sensitive fabric, which is made under the Jacquard name (via 9to5Google).

In the short GIF in the teaser tweet, the Adidas, FIFA Mobile, and Jacquard logos all appear along with a “Play Connected” tagline and March 10th, which is presumably when more details about the new collaboration will be announced.

Jacquard, which is made out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) skunkworks group, incorporates touch-sensitive fabric into clothes and accessories. That fabric is linked to a tiny computer that can connect to your phone, and you can touch the fabric to do things like control music and silence your phone.

Right now, Jacquard is only available on certain Levi’s jackets and a Yves Saint Laurent backpack, but this new teaser suggests the announcement of the first athletic apparel that incorporates the Jacquard technology. Perhaps the apparel will connect to FIFA Mobile in some way to give users an in-game bonus if they wear it while playing soccer or while exercising.

You can check out my colleague Dieter Bohn’s impressions of the first Levi’s jacket with Jacquard, which was released in 2017, in this video: