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Amazon’s first Tales from the Loop trailer brings Simon Stålenhag’s sci-fi suburbs to life

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Streaming on Amazon Prime on April 3rd

The first trailer for Amazon’s upcoming retro-futurstic sci-fi show Tales from the Loop has arrived, giving the first look at how Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag’s fantastical worlds have come to life.

The show is based on the art book by Stålenhag, which imagined an alternate version of our world filled with fantastical machines and creatures juxtaposed against a suburban countryside. Stålenhag’s paintings were set in a shared universe, where a massive particle accelerator built underground — dubbed “The Loop” — caused “strange and mysterious” machines and events to occur.

The series appears to be following the same conceit of Stålenhag’s book, although the action appears to have been shifted to the Midwest of America as opposed to the Swedish suburbs. Some of the shots from the trailer are directly lifted from Stålenhag’s art, though, which looks just as incredible on film as it does in his book.

It’s no surprise that Amazon was looking to turn Stålenhag’s art into a TV series — people have been captivated by the images since he first started posting them in 2013. There’s even a tabletop RPG set in the same world for fans looking to start their own adventure.

There aren’t too many details on the series itself, but the blend of ‘80s suburbia and science fiction brings to mind another streaming platform’s juggernaut series: Netflix’s Stranger Things. It’s too early to say yet whether Amazon’s series will reach the popularity of its contemporary, but we won’t have to wait too long to find out: Tales from the Loop will premiere on Amazon Prime on April 3rd.