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The Verge Guide to Instagram

The image-based social network

Instagram is a social networking app with a difference: it concentrates primarily on images instead of words. Photos, visual art, and videos are all fair game for those who contribute to or browse Instagram’s huge variety of posts. If you’re tired of the constant sniping on Twitter and don’t want anything to do with Facebook, Instagram (although admittedly owned by Facebook) is a good place to try.

In The Verge Guide to Instagram, we offer advice and tips for both beginners and experts. If you’re just starting to experiment with the social network, we tell you how to get started with Instagram and how to find accounts to follow. If you’re an experienced Instagrammer who wants to try some interesting and intricate features, we explain how to make face filters and seamless panoramas.

We will continue to add to this guide as we continue to explore Instagram and its possibilities. Enjoy!