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Apple made an ad to highlight the history of MacBooks in anime

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There’s one with a pear logo

Apple has made a new commercial featuring MacBooks (and MacBook-like laptops) from popular anime. The clips come from Mr. Osomatsu, New Game!, Keroro Gunsou, Your Name, Weathering With You, and more, according to Polygon’s resident anime expert Julia Lee.

The video spot shows how pervasive Apple laptops have become in popular culture. I found it particularly interesting that even though many of the laptops featured don’t actually have the Apple logo on them, they’re all instantly recognizable as MacBook-esque because of their clean silver lines, black keyboards, and some kind of small logo embossed on the back.

And some of those alternate takes on the Apple logo are pretty fun — here’s a few I screencapped:

And it’s not just MacBooks that get some screentime; the ad also has one clip with a character wearing AirPods and another with a character wearing wired white headphones that are a call to Apple’s iconic EarPods.