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Mobile love story Florence is heading to the Switch and PC

Mountains’ poignant love story breaks hearts on new platforms

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Florence, Mountains’ award-winning mobile game about love and relationships, is coming to more platforms. The Annapurna-published title will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and the Mac App Store on February 13th.

Florence first launched on mobile devices in 2017. The game was a critical darling, praised for its thoughtful take on the complexities of love and life told through simple vignettes. Florence is a 25-year-old caught in a cycle of unfulfilling work and a mundane routine, until a chance encounter leads her down a path of budding love and heartbreak. Its story unfolds through a series of small moments, from Florence brushing her teeth and tapping through social media to navigating conversations by placing puzzle pieces in speech bubbles.

The game will be available for $5.99.