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Apple updates with a proper mobile website for iOS and Android

Apple updates with a proper mobile website for iOS and Android


Access your notes and reminders from anywhere

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Apple has updated its website with proper mobile sites for iOS and Android, making it easier to access Apple services like Notes, Photos, Reminders, and Find My iPhone from a web browser on a mobile phone, as spotted by AppleInsider.

The site has been accessible on mobile browsers before but only through requesting the full desktop site. The new UI — which looks similar to the regular app-based UI for those services on iOS — makes them much easier to use on the smaller display of a smartphone.

The new update is particularly useful for Android users who also use Apple’s services by making things like Apple Notes easily accessible on an Android smartphone. It also makes accessing Apple’s Find My iPhone easier to do from a browser on another device — like, say, on friend’s phone when you’re trying to find your missing iPhone. That said, some features may not work just yet: News Landed notes issues with uploading new photos to an iCloud photo library and the inability to create new Reminders lists.

The new UI is already available at, although it’s limited right now to just the four aforementioned services: Notes, Photos, Reminders, and Find My iPhone. Other iCloud features, like Contacts, Calendar, or the iWork suite of apps aren’t available yet from the new mobile site, although it’s possible that Apple will add support for those in the future.