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The Verge guide to the Fitbit

Keep fit and keep track

Next to the Apple Watch, Fitbit is perhaps the most well-known and popular brand of fitness trackers and smartwatches.

What is the difference? Fitness bands — such the Fitbit Inspire, Charge 3, and Ace 2 — have one main purpose: help you stay healthy by tracking your walks, runs, workouts, and other fitness activities and noting your sleep habits and heart rate. There are some other uses as well. For example, they will show you what time it is.

Smartwatches, such as the Fitbit Versa and Ionic lines, can do even more. They can store and play music; download a variety of apps that will sync with the apps on your smartphone to alert you to email, tweets, and other messages; let you work with your digital assistant; and play with different watchfaces.

Which Fitbit should you get? What can you do with it once it’s on your wrist? And how can you make it work for you in the best possible way? Our Verge guide to the Fitbit will answer all of these questions for you — and more. We’ll keep adding more tips and tricks, so be sure to check back regularly.