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Mike Bloomberg cosplays as president in coronavirus ad

Mike Bloomberg cosplays as president in coronavirus ad


Money can buy you pretty much anything, I guess

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Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg Campaigns Ahead Of Super Tuesday
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign purchased primetime ad space Sunday night — reportedly worth at least $1 million — so the former New York City mayor could cosplay as the president of the U.S. He addressed the nation, vaguely, about the threat of coronavirus.

Bloomberg’s ad ran around 8:30PM ET on CBS and NBC, during “God Friended Me,” a CBS exclusive about an atheist who gets a friend request from God. The ad space could have cost the Bloomberg campaign anywhere from $1.25 to 3 million, The New York Times reported Saturday

In this three-minute ad, Bloomberg stands in a room — or in front of a green screen of a room? — that looks remarkably similar to the White House’s Oval Office. He wears a pin in the shape of an American flag while he addresses the American public about the coronavirus. 

“I know this has been a very worrisome week for many Americans,” Bloomberg says at the top of the ad. “The coronavirus is spreading, and the economy is taking a hit. Markets have fallen because of uncertainty. At times like this, it’s the job of the president to reassure the public that he or she is taking all of the necessary steps to protect the health and well-being of every citizen.”

Bloomberg hasn’t won a single primary contest. He’s spent millions on television and social media ads to increase his name recognition among voters ahead of the important Super Tuesday primaries. That money hasn’t won him the presidency just yet, but it sure has let him play dress-up so he can pretend like he’s already won.