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Epic Games Store adds a wishlist so you can track games you want to buy

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A sale notification feature is in the works

Photo: Epic Games

The Epic Games Store now allows you to add games to a wishlist, so you can save games you are interested in buying later and eventually get notifications when they’re on sale.

You can add a game to your wishlist by logging into your Epic Games Store account, searching for a game, and clicking the “Add to Wishlist” button — it’s the icon shaped like a heart and adjacent to the game’s retail price. Epic Games says that it plans to add a feature that will email users when a game on their wishlist goes on sale.

The addition of a wishlist has been a long-requested feature for the Epic Games Store, which launched a little over a year ago as a direct challenger to Valve’s storefront Steam. The Fortnite developer is using various incentives to bring more people to the store — which hit 100 million users in January — such as offering free games, giving developers a generous 88 / 12 revenue split, and striking one-year exclusivity deals on numerous high-profile games including Metro Exodus.