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The Verge Guide to Twitter

The ins and outs of the twitterverse

Twitter has become one of the most ubiquitous methods of communication in use today. It’s where many of us follow the news (including the president’s latest missive); it’s where we share our opinions, anxieties, questions, and answers; it’s where we find friends or confront opponents. If you want immediate information and can’t find it, Twitter is a good place to start — but it’s also a place where a lot of inaccurate and outright wrong information is spread. It’s... well, it’s Twitter.

In The Verge guide to Twitter, we offer tips and tricks for beginners and experienced tweeters on how to navigate and best use this popular social networking tool. We give advice on how to get started and how to find people to follow, how to add new tweets to old threads, interesting ways to tweak the interface, and how (if you’ve decided to bail) to deactivate your Twitter account.

(If you have any problems with harassment, privacy, or other issues while using Twitter, a good resource is The Verge guide to privacy and security.)

We’ll continue to add new articles about finding new features and discovering old ones — so check back often!