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How to watch GDC’s streaming talks

A week of talks on Twitch starts today

illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

GDC is kicking off a week of streamed talks today. Following the conference’s cancellation, organizers announced last week that they would stream some talks via Twitch. The current schedule includes submissions from some, but not all, would-be speakers from the event.

After weeks of exhibitors pulling out due to coronavirus health and safety concerns, GDC organizers finally canceled the annual March event in San Francisco. Although the conference was postponed until summer, it’s unclear if it will continue after all. Today’s talks include topics like gameplay narrative, composing theme songs, and LGBTQ representation. Later this week, GDC will stream talks about accessibility in Borderlands 3, matchmaking in Halo 5, mental health, game design in Baba is You, and more. A schedule is currently available on the conference’s website.

Talks will stream from March 16th-20th, beginning at 9AM PT. More talks will be added as submissions are received. The award ceremonies for The Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards will also stream on Wednesday, March 18th.