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Nintendo just announced a bunch of new indie games are coming to the Switch

Nintendo just announced a bunch of new indie games are coming to the Switch


They were all part of its latest Indie World Showcase

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Nintendo just gave us a good look at a bunch of new indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in its latest Indie World Showcase video broadcast. We’ve rounded up some of the highlights from the event.

Exit the Gungeon will be available today

Exit the Gungeon, a spinoff of the popular roguelike Enter the Gungeon, will launch on the Nintendo Switch later today as a timed console exclusive. Exit the Gungeon first launched with Apple Arcade in September 2019, making today the game’s console debut.

A sequel to PixelJunk Eden 2 is coming this summer

The amazing PixelJunk Eden is getting a surprise sequel. In the original, you played as a small “Grimp” to jump and swing on levels filled with plants and attach yourself to seeds, which then bloomed into new plants that could take you to new areas. The first PixelJunk Eden had colorful art style and cool techno beats, and PixelJunk Eden 2 looks like it will have more of that in spades. The game will launch on the Switch this summer.

A new game from No Man’s Sky maker Hello Games will launch this summer

This new adventure title from Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, seems like a mix between a Zelda game and Journey, which means it’s probably going to be my jam. The dungeons look like they have lots of fun puzzles to solve, all backed by an emotional story. It’ll come out this summer on the Switch.

Terry Cavanagh’s dice-filled roguelike is launching this year

Dicey Dungeons, the newest game from VVVVVV creator Terry Cavanagh, is a roguelike game where you roll dice to activate cards and spells as you work your way through a dungeon. The Switch port was first announced last year, but this was our first look at it in action. I played the free version of Dicey Dungeons back in 2018, and I have been looking forward to playing the full game, so having it on the Switch might be the excuse I need to jump in. Dicey Dungeons is scheduled to launch on the Switch in 2020.

You can read about all of the announcements right here.