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Nintendo’s Switch Online service experienced a nearly nine-hour outage

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Switch consoles went offline

Photo by Chaim Gartenberg / The Verge

Nintendo’s online service experienced a nearly nine-hour outages, according to the company’s network status page. “All network services” were affected from 4:56AM to 1:45PM ET. During the outage, we found that the Nintendo eShop appeared to be down for Switch users in both the US and UK, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s online functionality was failing to load in the UK.

Nintendo’s online service isn’t the only gaming service to have suffered an outage this week. On Sunday, Xbox Live went down for over two hours, while gaming chat service Discord has also been experiencing difficulties. It’s bad news for anyone who’s currently staying home in an attempt to self-isolate themselves against the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Outages have also affected at least one non-gaming service, Microsoft Teams, which suffered an outage yesterday. The outage came just as Europe’s work hours were beginning, as much of the continent logged on to start working remotely.

Update, March 17th, 3:37PM ET: The service is back online.