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Fortnite has helicopters now

Fortnite has helicopters now


Plus, an excellent new locker

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Helicopters are now in Fortnite. The battle royale game’s latest update added the flying vehicles as well as a handful of other welcome features, including maps changes and a redesigned locker. It’s a big shift, but one that fits in well with the latest season’s secret agent theme. The helicopters can be used by up to four players at a time, making them ideal for squad play, and they appear to tie into the mysterious Deadpool appearance in the game’s new season. They join boats as the only current vehicles in the game. You can find them scattered around the map — though, at least right now, there’s generally a fight to be the first to grab the controls.

Of course, this isn’t the first aerial vehicle to be featured in the game. Longtime Fortnite players will remember the airplanes that were added in season 7, which caused so much havoc that they were eventually removed one season later.

Today’s update also includes some changes to the island: there’s been an explosion at the oil rig that has devastated the base and left a dramatic oil spill, and the soccer field at Pleasant Park has opened up, revealing a hidden helicopter pad. There’s also a new spy-themed LTM.

Perhaps the most important change — at least for longtime players who have accumulated a lot of stuff — is a new locker that makes it easier to access your cosmetics like skins and emotes. Not only does the locker have a more streamlined design, but it also allows you to create preset loadouts so you don’t have to fiddle with every option to equip your favorite outfit.

The update also includes a handful of bug fixes; you can check the complete list here.