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Kickstarter creators can extend live project deadlines by seven days

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Creators might want extra time because of COVID-19

Kickstarter is giving creators extra time to meet their crowdfunding goals. On Thursday, the company said any creator with a campaign live now can request a seven-day extension. To ask for extra time, they just have to email from the email address associated with their project along with a link to the campaign.

Kickstarter says creators have reached out to say COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has affected existing campaigns on the platform, and they’d like extra time to adjust and possibly reach more people. This is now Kickstarter’s official response. (The company has previously offered seven-day extensions for specific circumstances, like for French creators after the Paris attacks.)

In its post announcing the extension, Kickstarter notes that creators should rethink their established production timeline and give backers more accurate estimates. They can also adjust their campaign messaging and promotional plans while also asking backers for help in promoting the project. The team noted it hasn’t seen a “noticeable decline” in support for live projects yet.

The company also took the opportunity to address anyone who’s thinking about launching a campaign, telling them to consider their health and well-being before going ahead with their project.

Generally, Kickstarter said earlier this week that it noticed backers being more forgiving to creators, so long as they were kept in the loop. The team recommended that creators acknowledge the pandemic and frequently update. COVID-19 is already disrupting the supply chain and manufacturing process for large retailers, let alone smaller independent businesses. This will likely be reflected in Kickstarter campaigns in the months to come.